Wow - what a month!
Hello Faucet Fam! This last month has blown away all expectations - we went from sharing about 1 Algo a day to a few wallets, to sharing 20+ Algo a day to just under 2000 wallets on average.

We continue to get create ideas and feedback from the community - I'm super excited for the continued development and upcoming releases to add more features and more ways to earn more Algo!

Definitely appreciate all of you who are sharing the site, completing surveys, and adding Algo to your stacks - here's to another great month, thanks!
Best Week Yet
Hello Algo Holders! It's been an incredible week of growth here at the faucet. Some great new features added and updates throughout the site.

First up is referrals - now after you submit your wallet, you have access to a link that will allow you to earn additional submissions any time someone comes to the site using your link. Win-win, you gets extra shares, and your friends get to find out about this great service!

Next up are some tweaks around the survey feature - this has proved to be very popular, and is a great way to earn some additional submissions each day. I've updated the rewards so that you now receive TWO additional submissions for every survey you complete. This one of the best ways to support the faucet and increase payouts, with just a little bit of your time.

With the huge influx of traffic, and surveys and ads starting to generate a little revenue, we are oh-so-close to seeing that break even is possible. Please keep spreading the word and taking advantage of all the opportunities for submissions on the site. Thank you all so much for your support!
Closing Out the First Month
Hope that you've all been enjoying using the Algo Faucet over the last month. Lots of small tweaks, great feedback, and lots of payouts!

One of my greatest goals of creating this faucet was to increase transparency vs. the other faucets I saw out in the market place. The days and days of submitting a wallet, but receiving no payouts was a great frustration of mine.

Here, I think we've met this goal perfectly - daily payouts, transparency on how payouts are determined, easy access to see payouts and transactions.

Still running at a loss, but I think if we can just slightly increase traffic we can reach break even and start increasing the daily payouts. Please share this faucet out with your friends if you think it's useful and have been enjoying it.

  • Ad Revenue: $20 / month
  • Donations: 13 Algo / month
  • Staking: 21.5 Algo / month
  • Hosting Costs: $55 / month
  • Payouts: 22 Algo / month
It's been a great month for Algorand too - 10 Million Wallet accounts, huge gains, 4 Million NFTs created by the Italian Copyright Agency... happy to see the coin getting the credit it deserves.

Here's to another great month - let me know if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions via twitter or email. Looking forward to the next month!
First Week of the Faucet!
Made it through the first week - thank you everyone so much for the kind words, feedback and support!

I often take on random projects as an excuse to learn new things - for this I decided I wanted to learn Spring Boot and Google Cloud. It was a hectic week of programming followed by a (relatively) painless launch.

The faucet has been humming along, with a few tweaks over the course of the week to increase transparency for transactions and payouts. The overall site is still a losing proposition, but I'm having a blast with it so far. Right now here's where we stand (approx/rounded):
  • Ad Revenue: $0.42 / day
  • Donations: 1.70 Algo / day
  • Staking: 0.07 Algo / day
  • Hosting Costs: $2.50 / day
  • Payouts: 1.20 Algo / day
Algorand is such a neat little coin, I'm loving that I'm able to encourage participation in this network through this faucet and share a little of my staking with others. My two immediate goals are to move more of my funds (and receive donations!) into the faucet - this should allow us to share about $1 in staking rewards which is a good starting point. The second item is to figure out a more sustainable ad platform. I'm happy to front costs for the mid-term, but it would be nice to break even one day!

That's all for this week. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions - thanks for coming along with me on this journey.

If you think this project is useful, please consider donating or sharing the URL on your social media - both would be a huge help to the site. Thank you!